Although true faith lies not in proof, physical sensation is a common tool in evoking or creating religious experiences among practitioners. Whether in the form of objects such as clothing, tools, symbols, or in the form of ritual, every major religion alters the physical reality of the supplicant in the pursuit of sacred knowledge.


My own exploration of my thoughts regarding the interface of faith and physical perception is the basis of this work. I particularly used my work as a tool to help me think about my beliefs and how they relate to the structures of the organized religion in which I was raised. I use many materials and some of the pieces may appear disparate. Every piece, however, relates to my own struggle to understand my own spirituality. The work is rarely narrative. Most of the pieces express a specific idea that I was having trouble processing. They are objects, first and foremost. Some are functional in the traditional sense of jewelry, vessel, etc., but many of them are meant purely to be decorative objects. Their function is to be observed in every way, and as such they can be spiritual or religious tools.