Recent Projects

For the past several years, I have focused my studio practice on the pursuit and completion of commissions.  These projects have required me to work within the bounds set by the client and have pushed me to explore a range of influences and techniques outside those of my previous work.


This set of candlesticks, along with a matching bookstand, are part of the renewal of altar ornaments for a Lutheran church.


Completed for a new space in a renovated home, this chandelier provides a warm glow throughout the room.  The rich patina on the copper drums complements the amber light.


A pair of nesting pectoral crosses for pastors upon their ordinations.

Gutter Ornaments

These zinc dragon gutter decorations had been sorely treated by the weather and a mistake in their original installation.  Repairing them and returning them to service on a century-old home required a variety of processes.


Based on two light fixtures designed and crafted by the architect who built the house, this series of pendant lights will hopefully see the home through the next decades.